is an invaluable resource

With a team of the best people, we firmly believe: Anything is possible


With a team of the best people, we firmly believe: Anything is possible


Our success is success in social service


At HEAD Capital, people are the greatest, most valuable and most important resource


We are proud to be members of HEAD Capital


Pursue Values:
Success is about giving

HEAD Capital is built and developed by a team of talented people who have had many successes in their careers and lives. These outstanding people have gathered together to create the strongest organization to build great values together, serving many people, communities and businesses.


Investment Projects

Ola City

Ola City – The Performance Marketing Platform

Ola City is a performance-based advertising platform (Performance Marketing Platform) where businesses can promote their products and services to millions of customers at the lowest cost, bringing the highest efficiency and only pay the cost when the advertising brings the desired results. – E-Commerce Exchange to Retail Genuine Goods

7Hit was born with the mission of providing millions of products trusted by Vietnamese people from reputable brands and providing users with the best shopping experience through genuine products at preferential prices best with many attractive promotions included.

Tgs - E-Commerce Exchange Provides Genuine Wholesale Products provides wholesale genuine, legal products to retailers at the highest discounts and special offers. Our mission is to help all retailers in all parts of the country have easy and fast access to genuine and reputable products.


Business Philosophy

People are the focus

At HEAD Capital, we define people as the greatest resource, the greatest value, and the most important that can accomplish any goal.

Passionate for breakthrough

With love and passion, HEAD Capital people work tirelessly day and night. Only then will success be complete, success includes happiness.

Serve to be successful

Our success is defined as success in serving the needs of society, our nation and our team.

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